Benefits of Using Rational Combination Ovens in Restaurants


Combination ovens offer the most advanced food preparation technology available in the catering industry. They allow you to cook with convection, steam, or a mix of the two by combining some of the most fundamental food preparation techniques.

Here are the five benefits of using combination ovens in restaurants.

  1. Reduced Cooking Time

Restaurant staff often faces the pressure to get meals ready to serve on schedule. Combination ovens offer cooking flexibility by saving labour costs and preparation time. With the iCombi Pro, you no longer need to spend time controlling the temperature and managing the preparation process. Simply set the dish on the display to see what other meals you can make simultaneously. 

The iCombi Pro will monitor each rack separately so that cooking times are smartly matched to the types of products and desirable results. You can specify whether you want the meal to begin or finish cooking at the same time. The iCombi Pro will notify you when exactly you need to put products on the rack.

2. More Kitchen Space

The iCombi Pro ovens are suited for companies with limited kitchen space. They allow diversity in cooking procedures while sharing the same compact dimension, saving up even more room by minimising the need for additional equipment. Moreover, iCombi Pro features hood-free oven technology, which eliminates the need for ventilation.

3. Versatility

Combi ovens are great for a range of culinary methods since they offer a finely regulated cooking environment in terms of heat and humidity. Multipurpose combination ovens are used to bake, broil, steam, smoke, simmer, stir fry, bake, re-heat, and even grill.

4. Energy Efficiency

Combination ovens prepare meals quicker than regular ones because they consume less electricity. This may help to reduce energy bills. Furthermore, the combination cooking mode prevents food from burning or shrinking, guaranteeing that you get the most out of every gram of food.

5. Cleaning Ease

The iCombi Pro has the rapid interim cleaning option, which takes around 10 minutes, allowing you to immediately continue cooking without any unpleasant odours from the previous meal. And, most importantly, the iCombi Pro will tell you precisely how unclean the surface is. You choose whether to conduct an eco-friendly or a regular cleanup.

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