Excellent Choice for Restaurant Kitchens: Robot Coupe Food Processors


The Robot Coupe food processors have an incredible number of features and are very versatile. Not only can they chop, grind, knead, and puree ingredients, but they can also cut ice cubes. Some of the other great features of these machines include their ability to french fry potatoes and emulsify sauces. You can also change the speed depending on the type of product you’re making.

Whether you’re making a smoothie, a smooth mashed potato, or preparing a vegetable preparation unit, the Robot Coupe food processors can help you achieve the desired result. The high-powered motors, which can operate on 700 watts, are capable of chopping tougher ingredients than the average household processor. You can also use the automatic shut-off feature on this machine to save energy. The R401 model has a 4.5-litre cutter bowl, so it’s a great investment.

The prices of Robot Coupe food processors vary depending on the features. Those with
commercial-grade capabilities will cost a little more than those for households, but the investment is well worth it. A high-quality machine will last for years. These are a great option for the busy kitchen. The price tag is worth the added features. You can save money by buying a lower-end model if you plan to use it in the commercial setting.

The Robot Coupe R2B food processor has an ABS plastic bowl and a see-through lid. It has a 1 HP motor and is made in France. It has two hoppers that vary in capacity. The half-moon hopper is designed to handle bulkier vegetables. There are three different hoppers for different types of ingredients. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best. All of the models come with different attachments.

Robot Coupe food processors can process up to six quarts of ingredients at a time. Their bowl capacity varies between 21/2 and 7 quarts, depending on the model. Besides being a good choice for businesses, they also allow you to make homemade pasta, bread, and cookies. You can also store your food in the fridge.

With a range of blades and features, the Robot Coupe Blixer makes a smooth puree with the highest quality of ingredients. The Blixer is also ideal for hospitals and other institutions with a large number of patients. With a capacity of up to 4 litres, it is very useful for hospitals. Its compact design and easy cleaning make it an excellent choice for professional kitchens. The brand offers many types and capacities of food processors.

The Robot Coupe food processors are a popular choice among home cooks and professionals. The company’s R301 ULTRA is ideal for chopping and slicing vegetables. Despite its small size, this food processor is made for heavy-duty use. The R301 ULTRA is available in three different colour schemes. The R301 is designed to slice and chop vegetables. The company has been in the food industry for over 30 years and has developed many popular models, including juice extractors, hand immersion mixers, and vertical cutters.

Unlike cheaper models, the R502 V.V. is a popular choice among chefs. It has a detachable bowl and lid. A single-phase motor produces a smooth, evenly textured puree. The R402 weighs 21 kilograms and comes with various features. Its stainless steel blade can be cleaned and sharpened. Its continuous eject feature and comfort handle make it easy to use.

The Robot Coupe food processors have powerful motors and can process a wide range of foods with ease. And as they are durable and very effective, they can be used for many years.