Foster Refrigeration Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly EcoPro G3 Cabinets


The Foster EcoPro G3 cabinet range is the latest innovation in refrigeration technology. With their robust build quality and energy efficiency, these cabinets are perfect for food service establishments. The new G3 range also features a low-maintenance condenser to further extend their product life. This means you’ll save money on energy bills and the environment. If you’re looking for a high-capacity cabinet, Foster’s EcoPro G3 series is the one for you.

Foster’s EcoPro G3 series is an excellent choice for restaurant owners. Thousands of cabinets and countertops have been sold due to the high level of quality and originality in the construction. As far away as Europe and beyond; not only in the United Kingdom.

For the most demanding kitchens, Foster EcoPro G3 provides big capacity stainless steel single and double door meat/fish cabinets. 

New ergonomically efficient door and handle designs for simple opening and cleaning. Cyclopentane foam insulation and thicker walls help to improve energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. In comparison to prior award-winning units, the EcoPro G3 range offers up to a 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency. This is why these cabinets are so well acclaimed in the catering business.

Foster EcoPro G3 refrigerated cabinets and countertops are a step ahead in terms of capacity, durability, and energy efficiency. Now your products can stay fresh for longer thanks to innovative CFD-modeling techniques for airflow. Improved condenser technology has resulted in even more efficient airflow and decreased maintenance costs.

The new Foster EcoPro G3 counters have smaller condensers, which means they take up less room. Although the carbon footprint of the refrigerator and freezer counters has been reduced, storage capacity has not been affected.

The enhanced insulation in the Foster G3 cabinets and countertops is a major benefit. The final result is lower-cost equipment that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

As a result of the addition of our new and enhanced +stayclear condenser, your low-energy fridge will continue to operate at its best. All cabinets and counters are now equipped with this feature as standard.

This range has the largest storage capacity on the market, allowing you to get more for your money than with a traditional fridge.

The Foster EcoPro G3 cabinet range operates effectively up to a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius in the surrounding environment.