Lincat Phoenix Oven Ranges for Commercial Kitchens


The medium-duty Phoenix induction range series, which comprises both gas and electric versions, is powerful and dependable and has been developed to meet the day-to-day needs of busy commercial kitchens.

The line is suitable for the price-conscious customer who does not want to compromise on quality or efficiency.

PHER01- Lincat Phoenix Electric Free-standing Induction Oven Range

For powerful heat to begin your cooking quickly, zones may be raised to 3kW for up to 10 minutes. During the boost phase, power to the other zones will be reduced.

The oven has 6 hobs that allow six different meals to be cooked at the same time.

The Phoenix Electric Induction Oven focuses on versatility. When no pan is present, it automatically cuts power, lowering operating costs and creating a more comfortable cooking space.

Extremely strong 6mm in thickness highly durable glass-ceramic surface that is easy to clean.

SLR6/N – Lincat Silverlink 600 Natural Gas Free-standing Oven Range

With the powerful Silverlink 600 Gas Oven Range, you can prepare a range of delectable dishes. The four gas burners provide not only electricity but also a flame failure mechanism for enhanced safety. The oven range is ideal for cafes, canteens, and fast-food restaurants since it features a high-power gas oven and a low-level exhaust, which maximises the working surface and allows you to utilise big stock containers. The completely compressed and covered hob tops make cleaning a breeze, and there are four-shelf configurations, two of which are detachable.

Induction Hobs

With Lincat induction hobs provide a lot of advantages, including energy efficiency, speed, reliability, and convenience, as well as being simple to repair and sanitise. We provide a variety of induction hobs to meet all the needs of your kitchen, regardless of its size.

From our tabletop induction hobs with a compact, portable plug-in design, and the 1, 2, and 4 zone Silverlink 600 series, to the very robust 2 or 4 zones Opus 800 series – depending on your exact demands (and kitchen space), we have an induction cooktop that will be ideal for you.

Contact Prospect Catering Design Ltd if you wish to install innovative Lincat Phoenix equipment in your commercial kitchen. We will install it in compliance with the national and regional safety standards and regulations.