Lincat Vegetable Preparation Equipment for Fast Food Restaurants


Do you want to cook vegetables and serve vegetables quickly? Lincat vegetable preparation equipment has a tiny footprint yet produces big quantities of processed vegetables. Let’s take a closer look at Lincat vegetable preparation units.


Small kitchens can now generate vast numbers of neatly peeled potatoes per hour thanks to VQ peelers. They’re perfect for pubs, quick food businesses, and fish and chip stores.

Peelers come in a range of sizes to accommodate kitchens of all sizes. With high-volume and speedy production, Lincat smart peelers save restaurant staff a lot of time and allow them to deliver ready dishes more quickly. Models in all three ranges – VQ, SP, and MF – are small, reliably built, safe, and simple to use. The MF series may also be multi-functional with a variety of optional attachments.

The MF Range includes a variety of plates, each of which is meant to accomplish a certain role.

A monitoring panel to track the progress, a lockable lid for proper handling, and a configurable timer for consistent, effective results are among the useful features. In addition to the regular long-life peeling plate, there is a knife plate to give veggies a smoother appearance, and leeks and onions have their own unique plate and coverings. There’s a washing plate for summer tomatoes, a seafood cleaning plate, and salad baskets.


Lincat CS-C1 and PC2 chippers, which can generate 25kg per minute, chop chips to the exact size and form. Both versions come with a blade in your choice of size – 12mm, 14mm, 17mm by 14mm, or 21mm by 17mm – to suit your needs. Each model has a big capacity hopper for quick and easy filling. Their small, space-saving design makes them a great choice for any kitchen.

Lincat chippers are designed to assure minimal setup times, which minimises costly electricity bills and improves labour efficiency. They have replaceable knife and scallop blocks for chip size selection. They are simple to wash, have safety locks and an easy-to-load feeder.

Prospect Catering Design is an official distributor for Lincat equipment. We will help you select and install the equipment that best suits the size of your kitchen and your restaurant’s capacity.