Benefits of Using Rational Combination Ovens in Restaurants

Combination ovens offer the most advanced food preparation technology available in the catering industry. They allow you to cook with convection, steam, or a mix of the two by combining some of the most fundamental food preparation techniques. Here are the five benefits of using combination ovens in restaurants. Reduced Cooking Time Restaurant staff often […]

Advanced FOGs Management Solutions by Mechline

Mechline advanced FOGs management solutions use modern technologies to maximise the retention and management of onsite fat, oil, and grease. Mechline will assist you in finding the right FOGS management system that can help prevent FOGS from forming in your sewers and increase your kitchen’s operational efficiency by ensuring that the internal drains are not clogged. At Prospect Catering Design, we offer a variety of technologies for catering businesses. Among them […]

Foster Display Fridges: The Best in Commercial Refrigeration

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Display refrigerators are an indispensable part of every modern restaurant kitchen, as they not only keep the food fresh but also provide a unique restaurant atmosphere where customers can see what’s on the menu before they make an order. If you’re looking to outfit your commercial kitchen with a new display refrigeration system, look no further. Foster […]

Sego L: Smart Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers

If you want to make coffee of the finest quality for your guests, it’s time to discover the fully automatic espresso machine that is sure to change your life forever: the Sego L. You won’t have to worry about finding the right grind or tamping pressure ever again; all you have to do is press […]

Why You Need to Install HyGenikx Air Surface Sanitiser in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants have been facing a number of challenges related to stopping the spread of the viruses and pathogenous bacteria. There have been measures aimed at limiting the transmission of the fatal coronavirus by increasing hygiene of high-touch surfaces, erecting barriers between seats, increasing outside dining, wearing masks, and enforcing rigorous […]

Lincat Phoenix Oven Ranges for Commercial Kitchens

The medium-duty Phoenix induction range series, which comprises both gas and electric versions, is powerful and dependable and has been developed to meet the day-to-day needs of busy commercial kitchens. The line is suitable for the price-conscious customer who does not want to compromise on quality or efficiency. PHER01- Lincat Phoenix Electric Free-standing Induction Oven […]

Britannia Refresh Recirculation Units for Commercial Kitchens

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Britannia Refresh Recirculation Units by Lincat are intended for use in situations when venting to the atmosphere is either impossible, laborious, or prohibitively expensive, such as kitchens in basements, offices with poor ventilation, canteens in airports, train stations, buildings with limited planning permission, as well menu adjustments in commercial kitchens that require new equipment  Thanks to […]

Foster FlexDrawer Refrigerated Counters for Commercial Kitchens

At the push of a button, Foster Flexdrawer Counters let you transform the unit from a refrigerator to a freezer, enabling you to store food and beverages in the conditions they require at any given moment.  Foster Counters are perfect for commercial kitchens, restaurants, pubs, and grills of all kinds. Foster offers a wide range […]

Foster Chillers for Your Eco-Friendly Commercial Kitchen

Having a refrigerator in your commercial kitchen is a necessity, however, there has lately been considerable worry regarding refrigerators that employ harmful compounds such as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFCs (hydrofluorocarbons). If you’re worried about the environmental effect of your refrigeration equipment, you need to seek environmentally friendly solutions.   Foster has been a significant manufacturer of […]

Lincat Vegetable Preparation Equipment for Fast Food Restaurants

Do you want to cook vegetables and serve vegetables quickly? Lincat vegetable preparation equipment has a tiny footprint yet produces big quantities of processed vegetables. Let’s take a closer look at Lincat vegetable preparation units. Peelers Small kitchens can now generate vast numbers of neatly peeled potatoes per hour thanks to VQ peelers. They’re perfect […]

Why Should You Choose Robot Coupe Full-Service Equipment for Restaurants?

Robot Coupe is a well-known manufacturer of food preparation equipment that offers a wide range of machines tailored to each professional’s demands. Robot Coupe offers a fantastic selection catering equipment at low rates, including vegetable preparation machines, robot coupe food processors, bowl cutters, stick blenders, sorbet and ice cream making machines, all of which come […]